The state of gender and rights globally, and programming practices that work toward justice, strong communities, development and peace.


Priority Areas

Gender and power are the heart of gender-based violence (GBV). This area delves into the nature of GBV and how to prevent it.

Economic systems interact with gender and exclusion on multiple fronts. This priority area aims to make markets work for women and girls.

This area advances inclusive food and nutrition security for people of all genders across the life cycle, in the reality of a changing climate. 

This area focuses on ways to support diverse people across gender identities - their resilience  and protection - in emergencies.

This area focuses on critical issues in sexual and reproductive health rights and gender. Advancing SRHR is advancing gender justice.



Global Commitments 

The international community has made several landmark global commitments related to gender justice. These are important reference points not only for policy analysis and advocacy, but also for program design.


Promising Practices

Supporting strong relations - in family and intimate relationships, peers and communities - toward gender justice.

Expanding options on what is possible, normal and affirmed to enable individuals to make choices affecting their lives.

These approaches work toward supporting individuals and institutions to work in a way that is inclusive, effective and accountable to diverse people's rights and needs.

These approaches support women's leadership, organizations and coalitions to bring about more equitable and just policies, laws, norms, and institutional practices.