About this site

This resource serves as a curated collection of basic information on the state of gender justice globally. It compiles statistics and evidence around what we know of gender and rights. It also outlines global commitments as well as promising programmatic practices to advance gender justice within international development and humanitarian contexts.

This primer is organized around five priority areas in international aid and their interactions with gender, power and justice. This is modeled after CARE International's Program strategy:

  • Gender-based Violence
  • Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Women's Economic Empowerment
  • Gender in Emergencies

Based on a review of meta-analyses and evaluative reports, it also outlines promising practices – and evidence of their effectiveness – toward gender equality, resilience and development.

This resource is meant to be a living resource. Please contact: Diana Wu with questions, additions, comments and clarifications.