Reviews of good practice

A Roadmap for Change: Impactful Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Initiatives

Review of promising programming at CARE toward gender justice.

Barbara Andreatta and Laura Taylor • CARE International • 2016

Women’s empowerment: what works and why? (WIDER Working Paper 2014/104) 

Discussion on initiatives that work toward women's empowerment and gender justice, in terms of women's economic empowerment, political empowerment, and the body/sexuality.

Andrea Cornwall • United Nations University-WIDER • 2014

Engendering men: a collaborative review of evidence on men and boys in social change and gender equality

Specific look at successful experiences working with men and boys toward gender justice across sectoral programming.

Jerker Edström, Alexa Hassink, Thea Shahrokh and Erin Stern • Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice and the Institute of Development Studies • 2015

Transforming Gender Relations in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

Cases and evidence of interventions effectively working toward gender justice in agriculture, drawing examples from across sub-Saharan Africa.

Cathy Farnworth, Melinda Fones Sundell, Akinyi Nzioki, Violet Shivutse, and Marion Davis • Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative • 2013

Social Accountability: What Does the Evidence Really Say?

Review of cases and what works to promote social accountability.

Jonathan Fox • World Development Journal • 2015

What Works to Prevent Partner Violence? An Evidence Overview

Review of evidence on preventing partner violence. 

Lori L. Heisi • Department for International Development, United Kingdom • 2011

Solutions to End Child Marriage: What the evidence shows

Review of what works (meta-analysis) to end child marriage.

Anju Malhotra, Ann Warner, Allison McGonagle, Susan Lee-Rife • International Center for Research on Women • 2011

Addressing the Intergenerational Transmission of Gender-Based Violence: Focus on Educational Settings Report

Synthesis of promising practices toward ending inter-generational transmission of gender-based violence within educational settings.  

Stephanie Perlson and Margaret E. Greene • CARE • 2014

Transformative and Feminist Leadership for Women's Rights

Review of experiences working toward women's political empowerment, leadership and organizing.

Shawna Wakefield • Oxfam America • 2017

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